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Natural Cures
If you have only one
natural health reference,
this is the one. Indexed
by both condition and 
Eat Right 4 Your Type
The starting point for
Jeff's 35 lb. loss.
Taught me about the
impact of grains on
blood sugar for type O
   The Maker's Diet
Jordan Rubin, founder of
Garden of Life, tells his
story about how he used
diet and supplements to
heal his young, sick body.

How to Raise a Child
In Spite of Your Doctor

This was Margaret's bible
when our son was young.
It especially helps with
new parents who struggle
with the responsibility
of taking care of their
child's health.
    & The Primal Blueprint
Mark Sisson's book on a
lean meat, veggies, nuts
& twigs diet based on
evolutionary biology.
Final step in Jeff's 35 lb.
weight loss.  Not for
everyone but works
great for many as a
lifestyle change.