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Margaret on Natural Cowgirl...

At last I have combined the things I love most...horses and herbs!  I grew up riding horses on a ranch in Central Texas.  I got my love for horses from my family and, although my mother blames it on my father, she is the one who taught me how to ride.  She led me around on a shetland pony until I could stay on by myself (which I was doing at the age of 3).

My love of herbs came later in life as I went through some health challenges and became a naturopath - which is what I do for a living now.

My herbal blends for horses came mostly from issues my own horses experienced.  It was really sad there for a while, because try as I might, I just could not buy a healthy horse.  And if it was healthy when I bought it, it didn't last long!

This was a really hard way to learn herbs and horses.  Each horse I had to fix so I could have a horse to ride.  I could never give up because I knew that would be the last one I ever had.  After 2 cases of EPM, miscellaneous bumps and bruises, the meanest mare ever, the most anxious horse in the world, and various arthritic problems, I got pretty comfortable with herbs.  Then, my neighbors and friends began letting me blend herbs for their horses.

The result is the "Natural Cowgirl - Herbs for Horses".  Every blend was born out of necessity and has been trialed by either me or close friends.

I enjoy working to help horses have the best and healthiest life possible.  I still do custom blends for horses based on a hair sample.  Shop below for my standard formulas, shop services to find out about getting a custom horse analysis, or call/email me with any questions you might have.


NCG B, F & C
NCG B, F & C $40.95
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NCG Calm-X
NCG Calm-X $42.95
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NCG Digestive Support
NCG Digestive Support $43.95
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NCG Eye Support
NCG Eye Support $42.95
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NCG Immune Support
NCG Immune Support $45.95
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NCG Joint Support
NCG Joint Support $40.95
+ Quick View
NCG Kidney Support
NCG Kidney Support $40.95
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NCG Liver Support
NCG Liver Support $45.95
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NCG Lung Support
NCG Lung Support $36.95
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NCG Mare Cycle Support
NCG Mare Cycle Support $40.95
+ Quick View
NCG Perform-X
NCG Perform-X $36.95
+ Quick View
NCG Recovery
NCG Recovery $36.95
+ Quick View

NCG Wound Powder
NCG Wound Powder $18.95
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