Life's Fortune Multi-Vitamin 90 Tabs

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Life's Fortune®is an all natural food supplement that contains a combination and balance of organic and natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes in an exclusive whole food base.

The potency of each vitamin and mineral in Life's Fortune® was selected in such a way that nutrition in balance would occur in the proper ratio and harmony.

This process causes the body to quickly and easily assimilate them. These balanced nutrients supply the fuel that sparks the electric vibrations the body need to function at peak mental and physical efficiency.

"Formulated as a Natural Energy Source"

Quick Facts:

  • 3 Tablets/Day - 1 Month Supply - $21.99/Month
  • Complete Nutrition With Big Load of Greens, Herbs, and Nutrients Formulated for Increased Energy
  • Similar to Bluebonnet with a Fewer Ingredients, Cheaper Price, and Smaller Tablet
  • Iron-Free
  • 20% Off Every Day!  ENTER "FORTUNE20" in Coupon Field at Checkout
  • Also Available in 60 Day Supply


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