Bluebonnet Is Our Flagship Line for Quality and Value

"Bluebonnet Nutrition has been one of our foundational nutritional lines since the beginning over 10 years ago.  Bluebonnet has won just about every award the supplement industry gives out including 2010 Supplement Manufacturer of the Year.  All their products are tested before, during and after manufacture guaranteeing quality with a 100% money-back guarantee.  They use all-natural ingredients including their encapsulating and processing processes, don't any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and have still maintained their commitment to amber glass bottles which ensure the highest quality product over time.  Bluebonnet is a Texas-based, family-owned company committed to your health and wellness."

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Entire Line of Super Earth Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Formulas are 20% Everyday

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Calcium-Magnesium-D Formula (our best selling calcium)

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Here's What Bluebonnet Says About Themselves...

Bluebonnet Nutrition was founded in 1991 on the basic principle that we offer the cleanest, purest, most natural nutritional supplements offered exclusively through independent natural food retailers. Today, we are proud to say that we still honor this commitment and that our devotion is true and loyal.

The landscape of nutrition is changing rapidly. However, Bluebonnet Nutrition is not simply changing with it. We’re leading the way. Since the launch of our company in the heart of Sugar Land, Texas, we’ve carefully sowed the seeds of success by our unwavering pledge to the five powers of Bluebonnet Nutrition: Nature, Science, Quality, Truth and Knowledge – one power for every petal of the Texas state flower from which we take our name.

Beta Carotene C E Plus Selen 60 Vcaps
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E-400 IU Plus Selenium 120 Vc
E-400 IU Plus Selenium 120 Vc $34.99
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Vitamin E 1000 IU Mixed 100 Sg
Vitamin E 1000 IU Mixed 100 Sg $49.99 $59.95
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Vitamin E 200 IU Mixed 100 Sg
Vitamin E 200 IU Mixed 100 Sg $17.99
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Vitamin E 400 IU 100 Softgels
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