Biotics Research Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of specially designed nutritional products for over thirty years. Our mission remains constant: to be the benchmark of excellence in nutritional science, technology and service, providing the clinician with reliable, innovative products of superior quality as well as the highest level of customer service.

Biotics Research is one of Margaret's professional supplement lines available only to professional practitioners.  Located in our great state of Texas near Houston, Margaret has received much of her continuing education from leading practitioners and doctors in the industry using dietary supplements to solve many serious health problems.  Biotics spends a tremendous amount on research and has group of dedicated practitioners and physicians researching and using their products.  Biotics also has an excellent proprietary tableting technology and delivery system to ensure that you properly absorb the active ingredients in their products.

B12 2000 60 Lozenges
B12 2000 60 Lozenges $22.90
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B12/Folate Plus 100 Caps
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