Paleo Diet is NOT High Protein

In a recent article entitled "The Dangers of Our High Protein Obsession", the Paleo diet was identified as a diet that espouses "a hefty amount of protein intake".  The article makes some good points on how our increasing protein consumption is part of our health problem.  It does appear that our failed "low fat" fad of the last 40 years is being replaced with a "high protein" fad.  BUT, it is inaccurate to say that the Paleo diet is high protein.  

By it's own definition, the Paleo philosophy I follow recommends approximately 85% of caloric intake should be from fats leaving around 15% for protein and carbohydrates.  This means I eat small portions of lean, healthy meat along with generous portions of veggies (such as salads with homemade ranch dressing), nuts, a few legumes and sprouted grain Ezekiel bread (both Paleo "cheats").

Compare the Paleo ratios to the current estimated average 35% caloric intake from protein and you get the sense that Paleo is less about protein intake and more about substituting healthy fats for empty carbs...namely grains and sugar.  Looking back to the early 1900's, the Canadian Medical Association was recommending around 10-12% of calories from protein...much more in line with current Paleo thinking.

Popular medical thought is that weight loss is about lowering caloric intake.  I believe that a good dietary plan takes into account both ideal weight goals (weight loss) and optimum health (quality of food).  For me, a Paleo diet meets both of those needs as I have lost 50 pounds, brought my blood work into normal levels, and most importantly I feel better!

Here's the link for The Dangers of Our High Protein Obsession if you want to know more.