FDA Cracks Down on Walmart, GNC, Target, others on selling supplements that do not contain listed ingredients.

Many have seen the recent mainstream news on New York's crackdown on supplements sold at several major box stores including Walmart, GNC, Target and others.  The allegations seem sensationalized and, given the source, probably somewhat true.  However, the news highlights the fact that the supplement industry is not heavily regulated which places the burden on the consumer to be sure that they are buying from a reputable manufacturer; or buy from someone who does the research for you.  Here's what Margaret had to say when she saw the article...

"I always talk about quality - this is why it is important to go with brands that test ingredients and stores that actually care about what they sell. The unregulated freedom we have means we have to do some research about what we are buying or buy from someone we trust. The FDA could further regulate the supplement industry but this would result in higher prices, fewer products, and less freedom."

Margaret spend a fair amount of time choosing our brands and since we work directly with our customers, we get excellent feedback on what works and what doesn't.  We can easily recommend our premier brands including Margaret's practitioner lines: Biotics Research and Premier Research Labs, as well as retail brands including Bluebonnet, Nature's Sunshine, Sovereign Silver, Renew Life, and many others.  Our online customers get the same service via email or phone when they take advantage of it.

Here's a link to an article that summarizes the recent media debate... (click here).